About Us
About Us

After 30 years in the motorcycle service industry we have become immensely interested in real world solutions to the poor inherent suspension behaviour of many modern motorcycles. The result is that we have spent many years now through research and development, ways to improve the action and performance of front forks and rear shocks.

Here are some of the methods we can employ:

Fit springs relevant to the rider/pillion/luggage weight
Ensure the suspension unit has no wear/mechanical problems
Change internal valving using existing parts or upmarket accessory items eg: Racetech
Reshim existing valving when original items are of sound design
Fit a valve where only a fixed orifice caters for damping characteristics
Modify valve orifice sizes where restrictive original valves are fitted
Fine tune suspension performance with a range of synthetic suspension fluids
Modify internal parts to accept up spec. components
Fit accessory brand suspension units; eg: Wilbers, Ohlins, Nitron, WhitePower, YSS.

So as you can imagine, we do not have to fit an expensive suspension unit to effect an improvement in all cases. We like to tailor the outcome to suit your budget, your expectations, and your skill /competency level. We have the experience, factory replacement parts and special tools to enable the highest quality repairs and rebuild services as well as supplying and fitting of new components.

We want you to feel the difference and notice the improvement.

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